Métro de Rennes
Grand Paris Express

300 kms of tracks, 50 stations

  • Forecasting studies
  • Noise, vibration and dust real-time monitoring
  • Negotiations with local authorities

Our experience on large scale infrastructure projects has significantly increased over the past few years. We’ve progressively tailored our skills and developed new approaches to offer a unique expertise in consultancy and monitoring. Our primary international project references include Crossrail in London and Rennes metro and Grand Paris Express in France. We have developed strong partneships with principle industry actors such as Vinci, Bouygues, Costain, Hochtief and Mace, to list just a few. With specific capabilities in vibration assessments using state of the art prediction tools and strategic partnerships for ground characteristisation, Soldata Acoustic is now recognised as a pioneer within this field.

Thanks to continued investment since the beginning of the 90’s, we’ve developed the knowledge and tools for management of large scale environmental noise issues in vast urban areas or for complex infrastructure. Thanks to our involvement on more than 100 urban noise mapping and action plans projects, we are considered as a leading firm within this market. Our professionalism and expertise is highly acclaimed by clients from agglomerations such as Marseille, Bordeaux, Nice, Montpellier, Monaco. Our unique experience on heritage buildings has recently been entrusted by international clients such as the British Museum and London Underground in the UK as well as the UNESCO for the Angkor Vat temples in Cambodia.

Région Bruxelles Capitale
Métropole de Marseille
Principauté de Monaco

100 communities, 10,000kms linear

  • Strategic noise maps & SIG
  • Environmental Noise Prevention Plans, and Dialogue
  • Neighborhood planning

Sanofi Pasteur

200 industrial sites in 10 years

  • Monitoring of environmental impact
  • Action plan for noise mitigation
  • Workers’ exposure to noise

350 wind projects, 150 EDF sites

  • Nuclear power station diagnosis
  • Acoustic camera on high-voltage lines

Our commitment to sustainability, linked to our management system and local partnerships with clients, enables collaboration with numerous industrial leading companies. Their loyalty for more than 20 years demonstrates confidence in our capability to meet their needs in terms of technical skills, advice, pedagogy support and reactivity. Our references include projects from industries such as power production and transport, petroleum and gas, mines and quarries, water and waste treatment plant and large industrial plant. We’ve been working on more than 350 wind farm projects and our experts are higly involved in the development of new regulations.

The building part of our activity focuses particularly on sensitive buildings which requires a careful consideration in terms of noise, vibration and even air-quality. We help our clients in the anticipation, mitigation and management of the impacts. Our service ranges from the simple acoustic instruction to complex solution design and monitoring. Our 30-year experience enables us to adapt to every issue and expectation, that vary with the project owner, the project manager, and obviously, the company.

The British Museum
Plaza Athénée
Tour Odéon

Museums, hotels, offices, housings

  • Acoustic instructions
  • Technical optimization
  • Site supervision and measurements
  • Management assistance

The success of our projects is down to innovation - our R&D team continuously pushes our methods, tools and solutions forward, to align our services with your needs but also to develop the solutions of tomorrow. This is one more reason why you trust us !