Evaluate the environmental impact of your project

- Noise and vibration impact studies
- Noise and vibration management plan
- Environmental monitoring
- Complex modelling

Control impacts and optimize your investments

- Digital simulation
- Studies of variants
- Cost-benefit analysis and action plan
- Technical solution design

An easier interaction between stakeholders

- Bespoke environmental monitoring
- Public meetings and negotiations
- Dedicated reporting to each stakeholder
- Training and awareness raising

Thanks to our 6 offices in France and in the UK, our parent company Sixense’s worldwide presence, our unrivalled fleet of technical equipment and our renowned expertise, we are always available to ensure a timely service, to provide solutions for the effective management of your environmental impacts.


Monitoring devices for the control, measurement and analysis of noise, vibration and air quality, associated with Geoscope, SIXENSE’s software. These systems, available in several versions, from the simplest and most intuitive to the real expertise tool, provide the measurement part of our service and are continuously evolving to adapt to constraints (self-supply of energy, MEMS, remote access…) and to better understand your issues.

Web platform for the anticipation, management and monitoring of impacts. This free tool enables you to benefit from part or all of our services, bringing out the key points for each of your projects. E-Ris (Environmental Risk) is the gateway to our offer of service and the solution to fair communication.

Our expertise in predicting vibration and our duty to advise led us to develop a bespoke approach dedicated to the vibratory impacts of your projects. From risk pre-assessment to solution design, you will necessarily find the service you need, at the right price.


Photo credits: Yves Chanoit.